Michael Mostert

My portfolio of engaging how-to videos designed to help simplify software and tech for everyone. 

I'm a creator on the Kevin Stratvert YouTube channel which has over 2M subscribers and growing. 

These videos showcase my presentation and teaching skills.

Discover the 5 best AI extensions for the Google Chrome web browser. 

Learn how to build a professional business website from scratch using Wix. 

Use the power of artificial intelligence and ChatGPT directly in Google Sheets and say goodbye to your busy work. Write complex nested functions with just plain English. 

Learn how to organize your email and get to inbox zero in Gmail from an ex-Google employee. With this system you’ll never miss a follow-up, and you’ll be able to track responses. 

Display and control your Android phone from a Windows, Mac, or Linux PC. 

In this step-by-step tutorial, learn how to add a signature in Gmail. We'll look at how to add one or multiple signatures. 

Learn how to send and receive text messages on a Mac or Windows PC with an Android Phone.

Let's make a Google Forms Quiz! 

How to set a vacation responder in Gmail. We walk through how to set the automatic reply on both desktop and via the mobile Gmail app.